Tips for spark plug removal?!?

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Re: Tips for spark plug removal?!?

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I just did the coils and plugs on my 1998 V10. Most of the tips in this thread are good.

Specific to my V10-
1. Remove the air filter housing and tubes back to the throttle body.
2. Remove breather hose and PCV on passenger side valve cover.
3. Remove nut from wire harness bracket at the front of the passenger side head.
4. Remove nut from transmission dipstick holder on passenger side intake manifold.

Passenger side is the hardest. The wiring loom that runs above the fuel rail is in your way for everything. Removing the nut from the harness bracket on the front of the passenger side head allows you to move the harness around. I followed all the tips I read regarding broken plugs and difficulty with plugs in the early 3 valve Ford engines. I had no issues after following most tips. No broken plugs.

Take your time and everything comes out without too much difficulty. Install was much quicker than removal. I used Autolite XP103 plugs, and Motorcraft coils. The parts I removed were a mix of different plugs and coils. I guess they were replaced individually on an as needed basis. I bought all of the parts for $298.76 on Amazon. Took me about 4 hours. The job was done over a couple of days while I let the old plugs soak in penetrating oil over night.
1998 B190 V10
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