vacuum line mystery, rats and air

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vacuum line mystery, rats and air

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A rat tried to move into my engine compartment. I caught him early but not before he chewed a few vacuum lines. I'm fixing them now but cannot figure out where one of the lines connects to? I believe it has affected my air vents because now the air only blows out the defrost ports even if I switch the selection to vent or floor.
If anyone has there dog house off and away from the engine area and could take a look at their vacuum lines, that would be awesome.
This photo is showing the the area to the left of the engine where there is a pink, red, black, and white vacuum line coming from the front of the engine area. In the middle of the photo you can see the unattached white vacuum line. I've looked very carefully in that area and would expect there is a place for it to connect, but I cant find it.
If anyone can take a look at theirs, or knows of any photos of the engine area on this forum (or anywhere else), or an accurate vacuum diagram for these vans, please let me know.
Mine is a '95
Thank you
Inkedwhite vacuum line_LI.jpg
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Re: vacuum line mystery, rats and air

Post by con5 »

I’m working on replacing some vacuum lines in our V10. In that location we have a vacuum line running to the egr solenoid valve that the then runs to the egr. On our van the solenoid connects back to an accumulator near the propane tank. All the connectors in our vacuum system are disintegrating so that is my job this weekend.
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