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First trip

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Ours is the rig featured this month (May) we bought it in Feb & have been making it ours over the last few months. Redo headliner, new curtains, made shelves in closet, replaced sink hose sprayer with soap dispenser and poking around to make sure everything works. Or more like I know how to work everything. This past weekend was our first trip out. I'm an avid bicycle rider and this weekend was a ride from Portland to Pacific City 105 mi. So, I rode & my wife drove to the finish where we had reservations at a great RV park. The trip was great & were very pleased with our RV. To get ready we packed & repacked to make sure we could fit everything in. All was fine as long as we could remember to put everything away & not leave laying about. Clutter is immediate!! Small things. Our tv reception wasn't great. Had cable hook up but signal was weak & static using the external plug & internal connection. I thought the internal cable plug could switch between antenna & cable (red light). But if I hooked up the cable directly from the site hook up to the tv was clear. Second, and although I'd been reading about the refridgerator I was a little surprised at the performance. I would have thought the 110v would provid the best cooling. Not so, or maybe my 110 needs work. Propane did the best. Oh, and the 110 plug by the fire extinguisher didn't work. Also I learned the switch for AC/receptacles is for the generator to use either or. Hooking to shore power works both. Back home now for a few days & out again for the Memorial weekend.
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The fridge and the outlets are on the same circuit, so I'm wondering if you have some sort of wiring problem. The fridge should work at least as well on 110 volt as it does on gas.

The switch in the back wall should only switch between the AC and the microwave, and it shouldn't have any effect on the other outlets. Odd that yours works differently - I wonder if someone rewired it. Might have something to do with the fridge/outlets problem, too.
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