Road stories, questions about driving the B190, lessons learned
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Keystone wrote:Wow, looks shiny and new! Looks like your shop did a nice job. Glad you're all recovered from your accident and back in the B190 business.
Thanks. On the way home, I got to drive right past the spot where the accident happened.

Even with knowing exactly where to look, I had just a few seconds to react from the time I could see he was in the lane until I hit him.

There was another set of skid marks (mine were still visible) in the road in the same spot that weren't there during my accident. Dangerous spot.

Of course, he lied to the insurance company and said he was out of the lane (which I don't think is even physically possible given the width of his trailer), so it all went under my liability. Not real happy about that but I guess that's life...
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