Maintenance of the body of the camper
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Post by Sheila G » Tue May 01, 2018 4:56 pm

Hi All,

I am finally having a sway bar and heavy duty shocks installed in my B190 but now I have other problems and I’d like to get your feedback please. I realize these rvs are old and are always going to have issues and I really want to make this work and get out on the road but I want to be safe. I just seem to be having problems after problems. I paid quite a bit for my rv because according to the seller she was road worthy and ready to go but that was definitely not true. I’ve spent a lot of additional money on her just trying to get her out of my driveway and I still have so many issues, some little, some big. Here’s the latest.

Rust has really taken a toll underneath my rv. I specifically asked the seller if there was any rust and he said no. Lesson learned … get under the van no matter how difficult that may be and inspect. My mechanic said that the springs at all 4 corners look pretty rough and that it would be extremely expensive to dig real deep into the suspension due to the fact that the rust is so severe, covering bolts etc. He said the shocks and sway bar should make a huge difference but the leaf spring bushings are in terrible shape. The upper and lower ball joints are not serviceable and all the rubber is deteriorated so there is no grease left in them at all; the tie rod ends are the same. He did say tho that they don’t have any play in them and he thinks that they will be ok for a while. I decided to go ahead with the shocks and sway bar but hold off on replacing the ball joints and tie rods for now. Thoughts??

The other problem is the propane tank. He said that besides being out of date the propane tank is rusted badly and he’s pretty sure I would have to replace it before anyone would fill it. I’ve read on this site that a few others have had rusted tanks. I wonder what they did and what it cost to replace. This has me very concerned. I don’t want to blow up.

The fuel pump to the generator is not working so the generator won’t run. I’m having that replaced this week. AND I still have leaks … grey water tank, roof air conditioner, side door but these won’t keep me from the road; I can deal with those issues later. Road safety is my main concern.

The good news is that my mechanic says the engine runs good and seems to be just fine. Yay!

I am retiring in 2 weeks and plan to be on the road June 6 for 5 months heading from Houston to the West coast with my dog, Lola. From there we will be zigzagging back across the country to the East coast.

Any suggestions/thoughts regarding propane tank, rusty bottom, road advice and anything else would be soooo much appreciated. You guys are the best and this site is wonderful. Maybe I will see some of you on the road this summer. I sure hope so.

SheilaG 8)

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