Stopping those pesky leaks

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Stopping those pesky leaks

Postby 8Track » Sat May 05, 2018 3:33 pm

I was having issues with a small leak coming through my overhead window seal and was well on it's way to causing a lot of future headaches. I was prepared to take my rig into a shop to have all of my windows resealed before I found this product called Captain Tolley's. I read a lot of positive reviews (mostly by people who had used it on marine applications) and thought I'd give it a shot before dropping hundreds of dollars at a RV shop. It's a liquid rubber sealant that's flexible and dries clear- I figured if it's good enough for use on fiberglass boats, it should work on the 190 top. I spent about an hour running it along all of the window seals on the rig and anywhere that was questionable where I thought water could find it's way in. I gave the main spot on the overhead window a few passes, letting it dry and then coming back a few times over just to be safe. You just run it along the edges and if there's any spots where there's a break in the seal, the liquid disappears and fills in the gap. It's quite runny so just be mindful of drips. After two days of rain here in Nashville, I gave it an inspection and no more leaks! I couldn't be happier with the results. From what I've read online, people have said that it's held up for years without any further issues. Fingers crossed! I know this is an ongoing issue with owning a rolling home so I thought I'd pass on the product information just in case someone else is dealing with leaks. I plan on keeping a bottle in the 190 just in case I run into future issues.
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