Resealing roof vent

Maintenance of the body of the camper
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Resealing roof vent

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Not too bad a job, I have to recommend the videos from, because they are terrific.

I had a leak that eventually caused me to redo the ceiling in the front half of the Turtle. There's another series on that. The leak was coming from the passenger rear corner, where the scraper is in the lowest picture. One issue is that the roof has sagged and water collects there, so the seals are tested in the rain. I've thought about adding lap sealant all around the vent, filling the sagging area somewhat to prevent water collecting. I might park on a level surface, dump some water on the roof and draw a contour line around the water to see how extensive that would have to be.

Anyhow, I used a razor blade scraper (I didn't have an oscillating tool, but that is clearly the best tool for the job) and RV roof cleaner ( ... UTF8&psc=1) once all the old sealant and silicone patching was off. Everything actually looked pretty good, so I used self leveling lap sealant ( ... UTF8&psc=1) and covered all the screws and then googed it all around the edge of the fan housing hole. While I was up there I cleaned the vent cover and discovered I had to also reassemble the vent opening mechanism (from below, if I recall correctly).

It was fairly quick, easy, and it solved the leak. I'll probably do all the other ceiling penetrations next summer.
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