shower upgrading

Keep the water inside the pipes, tanks, and sinks
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shower upgrading

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I am looking to make improvements to the shower experience but everything is always difficult to fit in an RV.

Shower Head:

I would like to use the Oxygenics RV Shower head, but the spray head is angled down quite a bit from the handle, so it wouldn't work to mount the bracket on the ceiling like in the B190. It seems it really needs to be wall mounted, but then I'd have to poke a hole through the shower curtain. Another idea was to add a metal plate on the shower wall somewhere, and attach magnets to the shower handle, so it could stick to the wall through the curtain. Anyone have better ideas or figure this out?

Temperature control:

Would really love to install a thermostatic shower valve control, but they all come as 6 inch spacing between hot/cold and the RV needs 4 inch. I couldn't see any way to mount it in the bathroom that would make sense, without really messing with the fiberglass wall and leaving some of the old holes to somehow repair or fill. My current idea is to get a thermostatic mixing valve and mount it behind the sink, preset it to 100-102F or whatever, and connect the output of it to the sink and shower Hot water valves. Then I could just turn on Hot to always get the right temperature and not use Cold. Again, anyone do something like this yet, or have other ideas?

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