B190 For Sale in Philadelphia PA (Sadly)

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B190 Year: 1991

B190 For Sale in Philadelphia PA (Sadly)

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I just bought our B190 and I have taken it on two trips without incident. I don't want to sell it but I found a Sprinter Westfalia with 39k miles and now I own two RVs. There are many ways that the B190 is the better RV. The layout is better the ventilation is better, it has a working oven, it sleeps four more comfortably or at least as comfortably but my wife prefers the Sprinter. I want to keep both and 4x4 swap this van but that might lead to divorce. I live in Mainline philly and neighbors complained about Two RV's on the street. My worst case is that I have to drive it or haul it back to VT until August when I can deal with it. Offered here first. This van has been loved and I intended to also love it for many years. I want it to go to someone of like mind.

So I am listing the B190.

I am asking 21.5obo (which is what I paid)

Everything works.
Loads of upgrades,
Helwig sway bars, bilstein shocks, replaced rear leafs with heavier springs to eliminate rear sag.
I have a book listing all maintenance mechanical upgrades.
fantastic fan up front
bamboo flooring
rebuilt upper bunk.
New toilet
All windows resealed except the front. I found a small leak where the seal comes together in the front window. I have sealed it with auto window sealant as a temp fix because the rubber seal is not in stock at Airstream. There is a crack in the front window but it is not leaking at the crack it is leaking at the gasket center. I am replacing the wood around that window.
stove and oven work
propane heater works
hot water heater works
fridge works on all three settings and a aux fan is added for cooling n super hot climates
Roof AC works
generator is removed and solar inputs are installed but I have the generator and all parts for reinstallation.
grey water tank has a weep when 80% full otherwise no leaks
no rust
good rubber
current inspection in VT
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Re: B190 For Sale in Philadelphia PA (Sadly)

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Still for sale? I’m in Allentown
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