Paneling between drivers seat and reefer in 1996

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Paneling between drivers seat and reefer in 1996

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The rig I'm buying had a water leak in the window on the drivers side above the sofa. I need to replace the wall between the drivers seat the the reefer cabinet that is behind the sofa. Wondering if anyone else has had to do this, and what the best course of action is? I've looked at Seaquinn's remodel of the bathroom, and it looks like the wall starts behind the upper cabinets and extends into the are behind the refrigerator. I'm thinking about using a multi tool to cut the luan off below the cabinets and next to the refrigerator and above the sofa box and just adding new to that one area.

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While I'm at it, the ceiling needs to be replaced also, but that looks a little more straightforward and can certainly be done in sections. I'll find out if the AC and fan need to be re-caulked once I get into that project.
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