Bunk frame

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Bunk frame

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I recreated the bunk frame for my 1991, and someone asked for the dimensions, so this thread is for that. (This info is likely different for the short top years.) Note, I traced my old boards as a template, so that's what I recommend if it's possible in your situation.

You'll need:
  • Two 2x4s, either two 8' lengths, or if you can swing a 10' length, just one.
  • One 2x2
  • One 2x3
  • 1/2" thick plywood or similar.*
  • Fasteners for joining the sides and cross braces. In mine, the original was two 3" phillips sheet metal screws at each connection (for a total of eight). I plan to use deck screws instead.
  • Fasteners for the plywood. These were originally those staples that are put in with air nailers on mine. I might just use construction adhesive for this, maybe with two short screws.
*I had a scrap laying around I could use for this. These are usually sold in 4'x8' sheets, but you only need a little bit. If you have to buy some and don't need it for anything else, Home Depot sells smaller pieces (at least, my local one does).

The sides of the frame are made out of 2x4 lumber, and you'll need two of them. Plus there are additional cuts you have to make to these. Because this gets confusing to describe, I've decided to think of each board as having a "front" and a "back", where the front points toward the front of the camper. The "bottom" of the board goes against the fiberglass shell, and the "top" is where the flat wood for the bed will attach.
  • They are 49" long.
  • The front end has an angled cut on the bottom (following the slope of the fiberglass shell). The front end of this board is only 1" tall, and the cut ends about 24" from the front end (along the straight edge - this is not the length of the cut). At the end of the 24" the 2x4 is back to its normal size. The 24" length is not critical; my two original boards were slightly different.
  • The back end has a notch for the slider, along the top of the board. One of mine was 2 1/2" long (toward the front), while the other was 3". Each was 1 1/4" from the top of the board.
I hope that made sense. Just remember, angle cut on the bottom, notch is on the top.

The rest is easier.

Cross braces.
  • The one closer to the front of the camper is the 2x2, cut to 63".
  • The one in the middle is a 2x3, also cut to 63".
Finally, there's a piece that I think is meant to support the middle of the bed on the top of the original van roof. It's about 9" by 2 3/4". I don't think the dimensions of this are critical (even thickness), within reason.

The pictures show the bed frames sitting upside down, for reference.
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