Front Mount Trailer Hitch?

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Front Mount Trailer Hitch?

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Who here has a front mounting hitch receiver? I'm thinking about having a 2" receiver installed to move the Hitch Hauler to the front... so I can open the back doors.

Maybe someday, even be able to keep the hitch hauler installed on the rear and put a bike rack on the front.

Who has one installed, any concern about weight on the front end if using it or driving at highway speeds? Right now my "Wheeless Trailer" (looks like THIS) holds my generator and camp chairs, some firewood at times. Probably weighs around 200 pounds total?

IN ADDITION: I know that U-haul is probably the "McDonalds" of having these installed, but... I'm currently traveling and the most affordable/easiest/quickest way of having it installed is attractive to me right now. I figure, for a front mount hitch that's probably never holding more than 400 pounds, Uhaul could probably be trusted for the installation? Also... they say they'll do it for $130 parts and labor.

Thoughts from the group?

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Re: Front Mount Trailer Hitch?

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Howdy. I have a 2inch front hitch on my 1999 and u-haul installed it. About $150 installed and it is great. I use it just for my bike rack so that there is plenty for air flow. :)

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