Turkey, cooked in a DISHWASHER????

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Turkey, cooked in a DISHWASHER????

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For the past several years, our holiday turkey has been cooked in the traditional oven, deep fried and smoked, but two years ago I started cooking it in our dishwasher and even though its the best turkey as far as being moist, cooked to perfection and no leftovers after the family gathering, people still have a hard time believing that it was cooked in the dishwasher.
For those that want to try something different, save the oven space for pies and sides and have one of the best cooked turkey's ever, here is what I do.

After thawing if frozen or using fresh, with a dmp cloth wash the turkey off and set on a plate big enough to hold the turkey and still fit in the bottom of the dishwaser.
I make an herb butter using butter and the flavors that we like such as sage, rosemary and thyme. Lift the skin from the turkey and rub the meat with the herb butter on the breast meat and any other place that the skin will lift off allowing the butter between the skin and meat.
Rub some of the butter on the inside cavity.
Take the turkey off the plate and wrap it in tin foil then wrap it again to cover any seams from the first wrapping, trying to keep it as watertight as possible.
put the turkey back on the plate and put it on the bottom rack of the dishwaser.
Close the washer and turn on the wash cycle(ours has a pots and pans-heavy wash, which is where I start). I cycle the turkey through two complete cycles and it reaches a temp of about 140 to 150,
After taking the turkey out of the dishwasher and unwrapping it, you are going to see a cooked but very white turkey and so I again rub the outside down with the herb butter and pop it into the oven to make it a golden brown and also to bring the internal temp of the meat up to about 160, which is a nice medium turkey.
Time in the oven will vary depending on the temp it comes out of the dish washer, the temp setting you use to brown (about 300 or so). you will have to check with a meat thermometer.
For the best turkey and an unbelieveable Thanksgiving topic of conversation at the table, try it and I'm sure you'll like it.

P.S. I do not cook stuffing in the cavity and so I don't know if that will work or not, if you try this and do use stuffing please let me know the results.
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