some summer ideas

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some summer ideas

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Well it finally looks as though summer has arrived, what with all the rain, flooding etc. I thought it would never get here. We in Utah even had snow storms in June and we are a desert (or supposed to be) state. Anyway, the farmers markets are starting to open but some of the summer items are going to be late or non-existant this year and I guess its going to be the same across the nation. I was able to pick up a few items and thought that in keeping it with my fast, easy and comfortable food ideas that maybe someone might be interested in the following.

Mexican Corn or "Elote"
Corn on the cob is good most any way but try this once and if you like it you may not go back to regularly boiling it like a lobster.

4-6 ears of corn (shucked)
melted butter (about 1/2 a cube)
cooking oil
1/2 cup mayo
chili powder (teaspoon or so)
garlic salt (the same)
1-2 limes quartered
grated parmesan

combine the mayo, chili powder and garlic salt
rub the cobs with a light coat of oil and then roast on a hot grill or grill pan if your in the kitchen turning them so that they get a nice brown and some times dark char to them, about 7-10 minutes depending upon the heat of the grill. brush them or roll them in the melted butter then slather with the mayo mix, sprinkle on the cheese,squeeze a little lime juice and then enjoy as the flavors assault your taste buds.
I know there are different ways to go with this as some would question parmesan vs mexican cotija cheese which tastes about the same but may be difficult to find, I also get lazy at times and just use a chipolte mayo from the store shelf whereas others may have chipolte's in the kitchen and could finely chop one and add to the mayo rather than chili powder, experiment for your own enjoyment but don't forget the lime. (roll it on the counter with a little pressure to release the juices prior to cutting)

Another thing I like to do is get Anaheim or Poblano chilies (very mild heat), cut off the stem end, core them of the seeds, make a mixture of cream cheese, grated cheddar or better yet use a grated mexican mix found in the market, add some garlic powder, put the mixture in a baggie with the corner cut off and then squeeze the mixture into each pepper. roll them up in tin foil and bake at about 350 for 30-35 mins until the peppers are soft, while the baking is taking place, I get one or two cans of cooked chicken (like tuna only chicken) or if I have leftover fried chicken I use that (the kids always knew what was coming next if we had left over chicken). I used to mix the chicken with mayo, chili powder and a little garlic salt but now just mix it with the chipolte mayo. after the peppers are cooked, I usually cut them in half length wise, put them in the center of a flour totilla, add some of the chicken, roll them burrito style, put a little oil in a pan and when its hot, give the rolled tortillas a quick browning all around and eat um up. You could always just use an enchilada sauce covering the peppers and add a side salad and beans as well or go the full routine of grilling the peppers in a hot dry pan, turning them often to blister the skins, putting them in a sealed plastic baggie for them to steam a little, peel the skins, slit them open on the side, clean out the seeds, stuff them with a creme cheese mixture like above or even add some small diced and cooked potatoes to the cream cheese, cover them with a coating of flour, dip em in a whisked egg white mix (like you do for my favorite, lemon meringue pie excluding the sugar or even adding the sugar to make the whites peak a little more, mix the yokes and then fold them into the egg whites) and then deep fry to a nice golden brown and lo and behold, chilie rellenos. eat as they are or cover with a sauce, add some sides and good eating again
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Nice- Thank you

Post by RobertL »

My son in law is Mexican American and he introduced us to eating corn this way. It rocks!
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