Generator maintenance

2800 MicroLite by Onan
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Generator maintenance

Post by Travelisaverb »

Just got a quote for $250 to change the oil and replace the air filter on my Onan generator. That has 175 hours on it (but spent a lot time in dusty deserts) He included 3 hours of labor for the job @60hr

Does that seem right?!?!

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Re: Generator maintenance

Post by skater »

Seems high, but keep in mind there’s labor to remove it from the camper if the drain isn’t accessible, and to reinstall it.

It weighs 120 lbs or something so be ready if you choose to do it yourself...and while you have it out, install access for the oil drain.
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Re: Generator maintenance

Post by slapthecat »

On mine (a Revision A gennie) the drain plug is to the right, and the power hookup is on the left. I've got enough play in my lines that I can remove the side brackets and swing the gennie out enough to get to the drain plug (I use a couple of milk crates to support the end of the gennie hanging out of the rig). It's not the cleanest (or smartest) way to do it, but it works and I don't have to take everything apart! (I can't add access to the oil plug because it's directly above my propane tank)

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