Place to park B around Georgia in March 2017

Great places to stay, bad places to stay, offering courtesy parking? Let us know

Place to park B around Georgia in March 2017

Postby DavidP » Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:53 am

Our first 3 races of 2017 are in the Georgia area. 3/5 Union SC, 3/12 Palatka FL and 3/26 in Sparta GA. Me and my Girl live in NJ and are thinking of keeping the B and my race bike parked in the Georgia area and commuting back and forth by train or bus, picking up the B on the Saturday before the race and dropping it off after. I am not too concerned about the B but more about security of my bike. If anyone lives in the area that could help with secure parking and is somewhat close to public transportation I would like to figure something out. We would do the race on 3/5 then park the B and bike later in the day. Commute home. Pick up B Saturday, do the race on 3/12. Drop off B and pick it back up Saturday 3/25. Do the race and head home. Instead of driving 10+ hours to and from each race, We figure that leaving the B down south would make it less stressful. A few hours from each race and it would allow me to relax on a train or bus.
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