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Postby craigmar » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:34 pm

When I purchased my van, the previous owner had replaced the three-way refrigerator with a home model that only runs on house current or off the gen set. This hasn't posed to big a problem and stays cold on drives to and from if I run the gen set for about 15 min every couple of hours while enroute. On a recent trip to Denver, we had extra ice after filling a small cooler with drinks and fruit, so not wanting to throw the ice out, I filled the refrigerator tray that holds the fruit and veggies with the extra ice. To my suprise, everything in the refrigerator stayed cold without having to run the gen set, even some popsicles for the grand kids stayed frozen. After getting to our location, the van was plugged in to campground electricity over night and then we were gone for the day which happened for three days and not once did we have a problem with the temp of the unit nor with the food items, even after opening and closeing the fridge door numerous times during the day for snacks, drinks etc. Yes, we did have to put our fruit and some veggies in the door shelves but it was a small distraction to the reward of always having a cold refrigerator without having to run the gen set periodically and only having to put a few new ice cubes in the bottom tray.
I don't know how the three ways work but if your fridge doesn't keep as cool as you would like, you might try the above.
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Re: Refrigerator Info

Postby metrogeek » Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:13 pm

I am finding myself having to do this as well. The previous owner did not leave the fridge stored open so there is a lot of mold and even after a couple of good bleachings the mold returns. I'm also having a problem with the fridge tripping the GFI. I don't have the $$$ to purchase a new RV fridge right now, so I am going to have to make due.

I would be curious to know how it is mounted and did they seal up the compartment to protect the rear of the refrigerator from the elements - I think that is my biggest concern.
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