Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

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Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by SeaQuinn »

Howdy :) I found and installed this gizmo last year and I'll tell ya that it seems to work pretty well. I haven't had any incidents to report with new tires but it's nice to bring this feature to the old B190s. Installs real easy and batteries lasted a full year but I replaced anyway just to make the bride happy. No affiliation with this product but just wanted to share as it seems to be a reasonable price point for the extra peace of mind. Cost me about $300 last year but they have a new model for $289. My unit now costs $189 so a pretty good deal :-)ImageImageImage

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Re: Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by Kentuckian »

Interesting idea. I'm doing it the old fashion way with a hand held gauge in the glove box. But it would be interesting to know how the pressure varies in the rears under different driving conditions. I'm always aware of the load those rear tires are carrying!
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Re: Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by nvestysly »

We have the same product for our Suburban and trailer. The product has some issues when used on two separate vehicles but it does work as advertised - that is, it measures pressure and temperature. Yes, both parameters vary based on the location of the tire - in the sun, in the shaded side of the vehicle, on the front, on the rear, etc.

One thing we noticed with our installation. Be sure to use the heavy duty, metal valve stems. The added weight of the sensor at the end of the valve stem tends to flex the stem as the tire rotates. Heavy duty, metal stems flex less than rubber stems.
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Re: Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by Nathanfish »

I know this is an old post but hopefully this helps someone out.

Amazon has a few different wireless tire pressure and temperature monitors for around $35 now. I've been using one on my jeep and will transfer it to my B190 when i take it out.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Q8 ... UTF8&psc=1
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Re: Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by skater »

After three blowouts on our trailer, we have a TST TPMS. Seems to work pretty well. My longer-term plan is to upgrade the one for the truck and move the old one to the B190.
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Re: Wireless Air Pressure & Temperature Tire Monitor.

Post by usachris »

I have the TST tpms system also. I’ve been really happy with the performance, expandability, and customer service. Also, the system easily hops from RV to RV and the available range extender makes monitoring a toad super easy and reliable.
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