New speakers, radio and back up camera...

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Re: New speakers, radio and back up camera...

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silvertrooper wrote:
Sun Jun 05, 2022 9:51 pm
Keystone wrote:
Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:51 am
Nice work! I am especially jealous of your back up camera!
follow-up to an old thread... we had the stereo shop put in a new stereo, front speakers, a viper alarm with remote locking, and a backup camera, the display for which is a rear-view mirror that fits over our OEM rear-view mirror. The display shows up when you put the vehicle in reverse. For ease of install we had them put it in the bumper, but that is sub-optimal if you pull a trailer, because the trailer becomes the one and only star of the camera show. Putting it it the fiberglass top looking out and down would have been best. I'm thinking about adding a bluetooth camera there for another angle, probably connected to my phone.
I installed mine ontop the lense of the center-high brake light. no cuts needed, just used the wiring exit from inside that the brake-light uses.

Also, I had the shop do my install, but wit ha lot of these cool new back-up cameras... theres a way to have them ALWAYS ON. Which is HIGHLY recommended!! It gives you an actual useable rearview mirror and makes driving our huge rig a lot simpler!
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