Winegard crank up antenna

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Winegard crank up antenna

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I installed an old style Wingard antenna on the right rear roof of our '94 B-190. Note: (The new Sensar IV DTV/HD may not fit because of the added antenna elements that stick out from the front of the antenna head.)

I centered the rising/lowering handle 17 inches from the right side and 6 inches aft of were the roof starts to slope up. Drill a hole all the way through the roof and ceiling with a long 1/4 in drill bit Make sure you are perfectly square with the roof, both side to side, and, fore and aft. Then use a hole saw to bore down through the fiberglass roof.( Save the piece of fiberglass from inside the hole saw.) Then go inside and bore up through the ceiling. Turn the hole saw backwards at first to get through the mouse hair, then, bore on through the plywood with the saw going forward.

Next, retrieve the piece of fiberglass you saved. You will need to drill pilot holes for the self tapping screws. If the drill you use is too small, it could cause the fiberglass roof to crack. If the drill is too large, the screws will strip out easily. The trick is to pick a drill size that will allow the screw to thread itself in with out cracking. Use your saved piece to practice on , until you get a good tight fit without cracking.

Now place the antenna base into the hole on the roof, and go inside a temporarily mount the raising handle and direction handle per instructions.

Next go back on top and center the antenna head between the sewer vent and the A/C. Make double sure that everything will clear when the antenna is raised and lowered. Now you can begin to screw the antenna to the roof. Carefully, making sure not to move anything, drill one pilot hole on either side of the antenna base. Install the first screw, then drill a hole on the opposite side of the base and install a screw. Now raise the antenna all the way up and lower it back down , making sure everything still clears. If all is well, drill the rest of the holes and install the screws.
Next remove the inside handles, and then climb back up on the roof and remove all the mounting screws. Remove the antenna assembly and wipe off any fiberglass chips etc. Apply sealer as per instructions and reinstall everything.

Coax: Remove the original coax from the cargo rail antenna, I drilled two holes in the cargo rail, the forward hole next to the antenna base and the other hole next to the hole in the roof where the original coax came out. I then fished the coax
from the antenna, aft to the hole in roof and routed it to where the original TV antenna outlet was.

I mounted the Winegard power adapter where the original TV antenna outlet was. There is 12 volt power available there.

The important thing to remember when making mods to our rigs, is to always make sure everything you do looks like it came from the factory that way.

Anyone wanting pictures of my installation, just PM me and I'll email them to you.
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Re: Winegard crank up antenna

Post by nvestysly »

Thanks for the description and helpful hints. This is a good upgrade for anyone who wants improved reception for over-the-air signals.

I'll try to send a PM with my email address so you can send a few pictures. However, has been "holding" my PM's for several days or longer before it sends the message and at that point I'm still not sure if the message has been sent.

Is there a reason to not post a few pictures on this thread?


on edit: just as I thought... there is still a message in my Outbox from mid-May. I suspect my PM will not get through to you. Maybe you can try sending a PM to me with your email address.
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