DVR Recording

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DVR Recording

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This is just some info that probably some people already know but for those that don't, here goes. We have dish network with a main dvr box and a second box for another hookup in a third bedroom. Usually when we go for awhile, we take that extra box, a tripod and another dish receiver so that we can have the dish network with us on the road. it's not bad if your gone for a few days and have the little bit of hassle setting everything up. This last time however, while we were getting things ready to go for a short weekend, the network went down signal wise and we were left with only the stuff we had recorded on the dvr, then it hit me, DUH!! why not just disconnect the dvr and take it and hook it up to the set in the van and watch the previously recorded shows we already had. Yes, we had shows etc. to watch and the grandkids had some stuff also to keep em entertained while it rained and no, we didn't have current news etc. If a person didn't want to rent videos on the road and planned in advance on what you were going to watch and record, this is a good way to have entertainment on the road. Most of the dvr's from the various providers will all work this way.
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Cool idea.

My wife and I are planning to buy a 2 terabyte external drive. We'll rip movies from DVDs on to it, then take it with us in the camper. Plug it into the laptop, instant media for those rainy days!
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