Whats it worth?

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Re: Whats it worth?

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I don't know why this thread died in 2017 but for me it is worth every penny I have spent keeping her in perfect operating condition. When I started looking for a B class the Airstream was the only one that had a big block power plant and best chasses, Ford. You aren't going to clime a mountain in a 9000+ lb vehicle with a little 350, 351 or 360. Unless you don't mind doing 25 MPH. And in my option, it has the perfect layout for me and my girl to run up and down the east coast to race my hare scrambles. Fully self contained 2-3 days off grid with all the other racers camping and racing. Our Saturday night prerace meal is Porterhouse steaks baked potato and a green vegetable for less then $20! This is our home away from home and it has all that we need to live comfortably including the kitchen sink! And you don't have to ask my girl if she would rather use a port-a-potty! Here is a pic of my old ass on my old KTM.
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Re: Whats it worth?

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I don't have a B190 yet, but I've wondered about this. We are talking about a 25 year old vehicle. I see prices running from 8k to 20+k. I understand condition and mileage effects price.

As far as extras, upgrading from original can add value. But just adding "prettys" don't add value. Scarcity adds to price I know.

Personally, I can see 12k to 14k for a unit in good condition. But in the pictures I've seen of 20k units, I don't see the justification.

I have restored cars and truth is the cost of the restoration many times is more than what you can get when you sell unless you are able to fabricate the parts yourself.

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