The Sagging Roof

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The Sagging Roof

Post by slapthecat » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:36 am

Mine is a 1990. Almost thirty years of supporting that AC. When I bought it, I noticed the roof was sagging a bit - the nose of the AC leaning forward and water pooling in front of the unit where the depression was - and when I painted the roof, I knew eventually I'd have to deal with it... eventually has arrived!!! The last few times I've run the AC, I've seen lots of condensation dripping back into the cabin. I thought it may have something to do with a clogged drain hole. It sorta does... the drain holes are now below the surface of the pooling water! The nose of the AC is resting on the roof. The water has nowhere to go. This is bad... this is so bad...

I'm guessing that a large portion of the roof will need to be cut out and replaced, with proper support - if that's possible?!?!
Has anyone dealt with this yet?!?! I'm very open to suggestions!!!

I'm looking for pictures of the roof in that area. Anyone that may have removed the ceiling panels and can see what is behind it all. Or replaced the AC and has a picture of the wood/fiberglass layering. I'm trying to understand how this thing is constructed to figure out how I'm going to remedy this...

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Re: The Sagging Roof

Post by tdashmike » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:51 am

Check out this thread and the particular post I made:

My guess would be to either waterproof it very well or add material on top to compensate for the sagging. Maybe put a few layers or fiberglass on top would be the easiest way.

To really fix it would require a lot of work. ... -fix-them/

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