Newbie questions - Just purchased 95

New to camping and have questions? Wondering what the switch in the control panel does? Post your questions here and we'll (try) to answer them.
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Newbie questions - Just purchased 95

Post by mtodd54 »

My son and I purchased a 1995 last weekend. I quickly realize that my next purchase will be an owners manual (any suggestions on where/what to buy?). I do have few questions which are likely aftermarket adds, but here goes:
1. on the dashboard there is a 3-way toggle switch with a light. Without the ignition key turned off (up = nothing, down = flashing red light). With the key turned ON (up = solid green light, down = flashing red light.) I'm thinking this has something to do with the coach battery? I've seen other posts about a guillotine switch by the batter (which I don't have) but could this be something similar?
b190 rocker switch.jpg
b190 rocker switch.jpg (1.98 MiB) Viewed 2337 times
2. Behind the drivers seat is a STAT POWER brand DC to AC converter. When I have the ignition on and flip the switch to ON, the meter lights come on and the unit squeals. Any thoughts on this? I noticed there is also a STAT POWER button near the controls by the sink. Are these related, or just same brand and different components?
b190 ac dc.jpg
b190 ac dc.jpg (1.53 MiB) Viewed 2337 times
3. Under the couch there is what looks to be an AV amplifier. is this an add on, or did the B190's come with it?
b190 audio.jpg
b190 audio.jpg (3.07 MiB) Viewed 2337 times
4. Of course the generator doesnt run without holding the START switch down continuously. It does crank and fire up while the start button is depressed, but then dies immediately when you let off.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Re: Newbie questions - Just purchased 95

Post by skater »

None of 1-3 are stock. No idea what #1 is for, it could be anything. My guess would be a security system.

#2 is an inverter as you noted. The other switch is probably a remote on/off for it. It shouldn’t be making much noise, so I wonder if the cooling fan is bad.

#3 is an amp for the speakers.

#4 - the generator could have a carb issue, a bad fuel pump, clogged filter, etc. Best to start a new thread in the generator forum for it.
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Re: Newbie questions - Just purchased 95

Post by DavidP »

Four things on the generator that will cause it to die when releasing the start switch. Low oil, Bad low oil sensor, bad regulator or worn brushes. You need a manual for the genset to properly diagnose it.

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Re: Newbie questions - Just purchased 95

Post by slapthecat »

Two resources for the gennie
They have a troubleshooting guide - ... -guide.pdf

Also check out the Onan forum at

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