Handgun Storage in B190

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Handgun Storage in B190

Post by Millennial Falcon »

I was wondering if any of you utilize a good handgun safe or storage solution in the B190?

I'm trying to find the best way to house a 1911 and magazine, which is both accessible and secure. I was considering an under-seat locker for the drivers seat... but didn't know if some of you had discovered a really good solution or alternative?

I'd like it accessible more while boondocking than while driving... so under-the-seat is not required... and something that utilizes otherwise "unused" space is nice (I'm considering maybe mounting a handgun safe to the underside of the couch that can easily flip up?)

What have you guys done?

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by 190-b-651 »

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by Sub2RainEN »

Following. I’m thinking the same thing, although for my tech. All the sages I’ve seen so far on Amazon have mixed reviews.

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by skater »

Please think of this thread as a "good place for a safe" thread, rather than a handgun-specific thread, because I know how those questions usually go - there are intense feelings. But that's not why we're on this site. :) I'll delete posts and lock the thread if it turns into a problem, but I'd rather see some interesting discussion on having secure storage in the camper.

I had a couple thoughts. I don't know exactly how large your safe needs to be, but: Under the couch is always an option. Under the fridge (there's a compartment in mine there with the water lines). In the closet in the bathroom; throw some clothes on top of it and it'll be hard to spot.

I also would like to point out that Ford vans aren't that hard to steal, especially the earlier models like mine. You could have an insanely secure safe, but it's installed in a van that could be stolen wholesale easily. So, I would also recommend considering an alarm system and/or immobilizer for the B190 itself. Perhaps avoid the shock sensor (or turn the sensitivity way down, so it doesn't go off from just being inside it).
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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by Bassman B190 »

I have a 98 B190. My B190 was built with a hidden compartment under the floor of the forward passenger side cabinet. Perfect for extra ammo or 2nd handgun.

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by Reddeer »

I have a box from Tuffy in Colorado for my laptop. They make a lot of gun cases. The quality is superb. My box is in the "under coach" drawer, then cabled.

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by Woodsywizz »

A secure-grip molded holster can be tie-wrapped by the belt clip under the front seats. These are weapon-specific of course, meant to retain the pistol during active movement; running, jumping etc.
I keep a gun-box in a lower (B190) kitchen cabinet, with the keys in a drawer above. If feeling cautious I would have the weapon near to hand.

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Re: Handgun Storage in B190

Post by BDWAX »

i couldnt post a link to it but this is the one i use at home but can be used in an rv also battery charge last about 3 months actually but it just plugs into an outlet to chargre.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

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