Where do Mice typically nest on a B190?

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Where do Mice typically nest on a B190?

Post by Millennial Falcon » Mon May 06, 2019 4:24 pm

So where have you found a rodent nest on your B190?

I ask because... since the summer came and I've been in the heat I've been using fans a lot more. When my roof vent Maxxair is left on with the windows closed (or with not a BIG enough window open), it is pulling air from SOMEWHERE that smells of animal waste.

The scent appeared to come from mid/aft of the vehicle... so I pulled the microwave and I found a lot of droppings behind it in my 1994. I cleaned it out, Lysoled, and applied a liberal dose of Urine-B-Gone spray. That helped immensely, and the microwave compartment smells floral fresh now. However... if I operate boondock-style without AC for awhile... there is a not exactly faint smell of urine/mouse-poop that I assume is from air being sucked in over some old nest somewhere in the vehicle. I've opened all the cabinets and doors... and sniffed heavily... but I cannot seem to find it. I've tried opening all the doors on the outside of the vehicle, and see/smell nothing.

So, those doing rehabs... where have you found to be likely rodent nest areas? I am at a loss as to where this air is getting sucked in from, and where the smell is coming from.

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Re: Where do Mice typically nest on a B190?

Post by skater » Tue May 07, 2019 1:01 pm

The exterior door latches on mine are not airtight (I think), so air can be pulled in that way. Have you looked in the door panels?
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