Should I buy?

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Should I buy?

Post by ChrisK » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:03 pm

Hey new poster so go easy on me. I saw a b190 in a driveway today. I pulled over and approached a elderly lady and asked if she was interested in selling. She said matter a fact I am. I am now very interested but.... they let it go unattended for quite some time. The interior has water damage from the fan cover. I can see it goes behind the cabinets behind the drivers side. The mileage is 92,000. It’s a 1992. Original owners. Upper front windows seals look shot. Black water tank damaged I pulled the transmission dip stick and it’s dry. Some rust on drivers side lower all along rear. The lowest she would consider would be 5000.00. Did I mention they smoked ...a lot. I think I might see if I could get it towed to a local shop to have them look it over. Ideas?

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Re: Should I buy?

Post by Keystone » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:35 am

Dear ChrisK:
If you are thinking of buying THIS one, imagine that it will easily take another $5K to get it into reasonable shape—more if the transmission goes. (And 92K miles on the Odo is a lot.) So now it’s a $10K investment to start with and there will still be ongoing costs. I’m not a mechanic. I have owned my ‘94 for 10 years and I bought it when everything was “working” and it only had 37K miles. I know much more now than I did then about the automotive and RV systems in this thing, but mostly I have used experts to do the work. I’ve averaged over $2000 per year for maintenance over the period, and—it still needs a few things. Oh, and that investment doesn’t include normal operating costs.

These beasts are super fun-mobiles with a hefty spending habit. In your shoes, I’d look around at the other B190s available and choose carefully. Or, maybe wait till the owner decides to let it go for much less.

I love my B190 and my hope for you is that you find one that you love, too. Is this the one? Let us know what you decide. This site is a great resource so be sure to check out all the old posts to get an idea of the kinds of projects and repairs we’ve all encountered.

Good luck!

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Re: Should I buy?

Post by skater » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:00 pm

You have to ask yourself, “Am I looking for a project, or for a B190 I can use right now?” This one sounds like a project.
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