Fading paint solution...Petroleum Jelly (again)

Maintenance of the body of the camper
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Fading paint solution...Petroleum Jelly (again)

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My camper stays outside, although I cover it during the hot summer. In the past 2 years, i've noticed that the paint looked dulled, almost as if the water runoff caused dull streaking on the body. It was first noticed on the black door handles and when the sun was striking the paint it at an angle. I tried to remove it with wax, polishing compound, rubbing compound and even a clay treatment. At one point, I thought the clear coat was fading.

Since I knew that petroleum jelly worked on the fiberglass, i tried it on the damaged paint. Even with a good wax on the paint, the jelly cured the problem. The cleaning cloth revealed dirt being picked up. I waxed the paint when done and it's been over a month and still looks great.

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