San Diego Family in search of their first B190!

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San Diego Family in search of their first B190!

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Hello campervan crew,

My wife and I are in search for our first b190 and we are so excited to have found this site! We have two small children and from what I can tell, this van will provide many years of memories. I have never had the opportunity to see one of these in person, so if you know of someone in SoCal that would be willing to show it, or maybe someone who's letting go of one. We are all ears. Checked out a coachmen and almost bought it, for sure was a great deal, but my wife and I are relatively tall and it seems there is more head room in the b190's. Preference would be 97' and up, however i'm open to know what you like your older model better;)

Thanks for the add!

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Re: San Diego Family in search of their first B190!

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The most important and money saving info I can give you is.... Be ready to travel to purchase. If you find one nearby, go look at it so you have seen one in person if you've never really been inside of a B190...

However, when I bought mine last year... there was a HEAVY "West Coast Tax". Anything on your side of the country was a solid $10k to $15k more than equivalent B190s in the Midwest or the Southeast. I literally had $20k in hand and was about to purchase a B190 in San Francisco when I found a BETTER van, in fully functional condition, with only 25k miles for sale in Cleveland for $8k.

Granted, mine was an extreme case... but, these vans are. lot cheaper once you get away from the "vanlife mecca" of California/Nevada/Arizona/Washington/BLM-lands.

It may seem crazy to buy a plane ticket to go look at a vehicle... but even if you decide NOT to buy the van, and it takes you two or three plane tickets to different cities and then gasoline to drive it home... I saved $12k dollars by buying in the midwest. That's a LOT of plane tickets.

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