Exhaust manifold bolts broken

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Exhaust manifold bolts broken

Post by UncleRico »

1993 B190 with the 460 motor. Both manifolds have two broken bolts on them, the two bolts at the rear. Has anyone done the repair themselves? Can the manifolds be removed with the engine in?

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Re: Exhaust manifold bolts broken

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If they are at the rear, I would think they could repaired from the cab access. Welding a nut onto the end of the broken bolt is an option, or drilling them out and tapping the holes. You would need a right angle drill most likely.
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Re: Exhaust manifold bolts broken

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I've been researching this very topic for some time. It is no easy task, but can be done, by the right person. First two shops I spoke with said no thanks. The third wanted to pull the motor and transmission to repair. A couple mechanics I know said that it will require a significant preparation regarding heating and cooling the engine, over time, and applying PB Blaster every day. Another said we can do it by melting 'red' crayons on the bolts to loosen them. Since we now have another month in quarantine, and the weather is starting to turn, maybe I will give it a try...

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