House battery not charging from alternator

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Re: House battery not charging from alternator

Post by tdashmike » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:04 pm

Keystone wrote:I had this problem in my 94, and found the solution in Planck’s old thread called,Secrets of the 92-96 auxiliary battery set up. “
Don’t know if it’s the same in your ‘90, but this thread is worth a read. Planck found a fuse box in the engine compartment that had a blue 60-A fuse in the T-slot. Unfortunately the links to his terrific photos are gone now, but following his text description you might find that fuse in your rig.

Here was my outcome as posted back then:
Keystone wrote:Add my name to the list of grateful "Fuse T replacers". That 60-A fuse blew recently, resulting in no alternator charging of the coach battery for about 600 miles. Was completely dead-on-arrival at campsite since we'd been (or thought we were) running fridge on 12-V. Sigh...Once again, I've been saved by Planck and his handy pictures and narrative in this thread that saved me hours of tracking down this issue. Thanks!! -Keystone
Good luck!

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Thanks for the info also. I've attached a picture of the location of the fuse on my 1998.

House Battery Alternator Fuse:
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