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Hello: My user name is sandyparr and we are new to your wonderful site and in search of a very good example of the Airstream B190. We had a beautiful 1992 Beaver Marquis motorhome for a number of years but never really used it. One we were caring for my mother who passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 99 and two it was just two big for both of us to drive comfortably.

We are now in a better position to travel and see our beautiful country. I traveled a lot by plane for my work and have always wanted to see the United States and Canada by road.

I came upon the B190 by accident and am now extremely excited about trying to find one. I have done a national Craigslist search and the RV sites. We located one in Texas, a 1996 model but with 136,000 miles and very little information being provided by the owner as she has it consigned for sale.

I have been reading as much as I can. It appears in the class B van conversion area the Airstream B190 and some of the Roadtrek and Great West Vans are the leaders.

I have also read that the Airstream B190 is most sought after in years 1997 - 2000 because of the V-10 engine? I am introducing myself to the site / members as we are now trying to put a game plan together to find a good vehicle and listen to your advise.

I would love to find an enthusiast who had taken the time to properly modify their unit, one that has been used on a regular basis (many vehicles like this end up sitting for long periods of time) and get one pretty much ready to hit the road. I believe in our country and feel this is where we want to travel. We are not wealthy people but we do have our health and I see this vehicle as the perfect choice. We are not going to be living / traveling full time but hope this size will support some extended journeys.

Thank you very much for you consideration and support.

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Re: Newbies: Please read

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Sorry, just saw your post.

We have put 54,000 miles in 7 years on a 1993 with the 460 V-8. I like the low end torque of the 460, but have never driven a V-10. With B-190s, IMHO it is the condition of the rig, not the engine or the miles per se.

We bought ours orginally with 77,000 miles on it. The engine does not burn oil at 131,000, but we did have to replace the 4EOD transmission last year. Plan your budget for all the reparis, and modifications you may need or want. Welcome and hope you find one you like.

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Re: Newbies: Please read

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Just started looking at class b's in general and someone in a Facebook group directed me here for information on the B190 specifically, but felt I would also get some good general information too. It will probably be a while before I buy because of reasons that I cannot go into. But I'm looking forward to learning.

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Hi there. The wife and I just bought a 1998 from Lubbock, TX with 116k miles. We are excited to start adventuring in our new B190. Most everything is stock and seems to work OK except the furnace so I am going to do some digging to see why the fan is tripping the breaker. Also, it took me a while to find the house battery (back passenger under the floor in the closet). I'm sure there will be lots of other things to learn about the van along the way and I am happy to have this community to help. If there are any other B190 people in the DFW area then I would love to meet up sometime!

BTW we are driving to Portland, ME this Labor Day weekend so wich us luck!


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